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How I Get 50+ E-mail Subscribers Per Day with Typeforms

Most individuals know Typeforms because the instrument that helps you accumulate data by good trying web-based kinds. That is usually for boring however necessary stuff like “overview your time working with us,” or “inform us your availability for the week.” It is not normally horny. 

I drew outdoors the traces a bit although and located a brand new approach to make use of Typeforms that truly is obscenely horny. The tactic has earned me $1,000s of {dollars} in a distinct segment I usually do not even goal AND helped me to develop my electronic mail listing by 50+ subscribers per day. 

Wanna see what I did? 

Let’s go!

Here is What I Made

The premise of this instrument revolved round a easy trick that lets YouTubers create customized URLs that robotically immediate customers to subscribe to their channels once they click on on them.

Creating these hyperlinks is easy. The system is simply channel URL + a tiny little bit of code on the finish (?sub_confirmation=1). You may click on right here to see what mine appears like if you happen to’re curious, however what it does is not what actually issues for the sake of this put up. 

Here is what the instrument appears like once I embed it onto my pages.

Click on right here (will open in a brand new tab) to see how I really deploy it on the weblog put up that draws all of the guests. 

Here is Why I Did It

The weblog put up that I selected to incorporate the widget inside was already getting little bit of natural site visitors. 

AHREFs results of a page

AHREFs wasn’t giving this text the credit score it deserved both… Far more site visitors was coming in than it reported.

Google Search Console Results

Aspect Observe: That is why you should not belief AHREFs blindly. Google Search Console exhibits WAY extra clicks to this web page than AHREFs estimates.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t driving leads. It was simply exhibiting the strategy and was doing nothing else. 

So, I made a decision that including the generator wouldn’t solely enhance the worth of the put up, it will even be an amazing lead magnet.

I used to be mildly involved that embedding the widget straight into the web page would possibly harm the load time and hurt me from an search engine marketing perspective, however that wasn’t the case. The web page has solely grown month over month when it comes to natural attain since I added the widget.

That is one other one of many many causes I really like Typeforms. They do not crush your web site.

Here is How I Made It

The fantastic thing about that is that the method was painfully simple. This Typeform is actually solely 2 inputs after which a dynamic output. 

Typeform Use

Enter #1 (Sort = Lengthy Textual content) “Enter Your YouTube Channel URL

Enter #2 (Sort =E-mail Handle) “Enter Your E-mail Handle” 

Output = Recall Reply to Enter #1 + “?sub_confirmation=1”

The widget will not run if they do not present an electronic mail handle. 

The e-mail handle is then built-in on the backend to my ConvertKit account so all subscribers are then funneled right into a electronic mail sequence associated to YouTubing.

YouTube Sequence

What makes this possible and responsive is the ability to recall inputs. I’m able to plug the input from #1 into an automated thank you message that then adds that tiny little snippet to it and boom, active auto-subscribe link. 


Obviously I had a uniquely opportune situation to capitalize on since I already had tons of traffic coming in to my auto-subscribe post. However, I hope you don’t let that deter you from seeing the potential case uses you might have with your own Typeform widget. 

Take 15 minutes and ponder over the question, “is there room somewhere in my business for a simple widget like this one?” 

  • Do you have content that could benefit from a similar widget being added?
  • Do you have content ideas that could drive traffic to a similar widget idea?
  • Do you have your own in house tool that could be made public through Typeforms and shared for others?

If you can’t think of anything right now, there will likely be one some time down the road, so stay vigilant!

Click here to check out Typeform (although you can accomplish what I did with other tools as well, I just am obsessed with Typeform). 

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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